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SOSEN shares adhere to the principle of "innovation-driven development", technological innovation and continuous improvement. The company has established Shenzhen Enterprise Technology Center and Guangdong Engineering Technology Research Center to strive to create innovative advantages. Established domestic leading technology research and development laboratories, including UL officially certified witness laboratories, EMC laboratories, high and low temperature testing, salt spray testing, rain and water resistance, vibration testing, drop testing, lightning surge testing, protection level testing, Reliability verification laboratories such as electric wave anechoic chamber, and equipped with comprehensive reliability automatic tester, conduction disturbance and radiation test system, high-precision electric heating constant temperature test box, thermal shock test box, power supply automatic test system, LED power supply test system, lightning strike wave Internationally leading research and development test equipment such as surge generator and constant temperature and humidity test chamber provide sufficient guarantee for the company's technological innovation.

SOSEN shares have leading industry technical reserves, a strong R&D team and a complete product line to provide customers with comprehensive drive power solutions. As of September 2020, SOSEN has obtained a total of 94 patents, including 13 invention patents, 77 utility model patents, and 4 appearance patents; 8 software registration copyrights.

The company's solid product research and development capabilities enable the company to adapt to the rapid iteration of medium and high-power LED lighting products and their supporting drive power technology, requiring products to be highly tailored to specific applications, and product requirements are customized, multiple batches, and multiple models. Technical features to ensure that the company responds quickly to the market, commercializes market demand, and continuously launches new products, laying the foundation for the company's continuous business growth

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